Real Talk with Life After Grief Chris

Dealing with Minutia

July 18, 2022 Christopher Dale Season 3 Episode 3
Real Talk with Life After Grief Chris
Dealing with Minutia
Real Talk with Life After Grief Chris
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Show Notes

In this episode I discuss  "Dealing with Minutia". I share personal examples of things that have gone on in my life and I how I dealt with minutia, especially in times of grief. I also share mindsets when entering situations where minutia tends to sidetrack you. Also, I provide steps to deal with minutia and ways to either eliminate, or place it on the sideline.   

Here are the steps that I have researched and personally practice:

1. Choose your battles  

2.  Let go of instant rage

3.  Focus on doing one thing right vs. focusing on 10 things and doing them all wrong

4.  Take responsibility

5.  Stop taking on others' problems

I hope this podcast helps you deal with your own minutia.  

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