Real Talk with Life After Grief Chris

Marriage and Child Loss

December 15, 2022 Christopher Dale Season 4 Episode 9
Real Talk with Life After Grief Chris
Marriage and Child Loss
Real Talk with Life After Grief Chris
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Show Notes

In today's episode I dig headfirst into a very sensitive topic -- Marriage and Child Loss.

I wanted to start out the podcast with a powerful resource for any parent facing child loss.

 I also wanted to provide a list of tips from the resource above.

  • You Become Different People after Child Loss
  • Work together in grief
  • Most Couples Worry -- allow space
  • History Together is important
  • Determination to Stay Together
  • You’ll Grieve Differently -- know and understand that
  • Grace for Different Paces of Grieving -- allow each other space
  • Outward Emotions Can Be Different
  • Different Wants and Emotions during grief
  • There is No One Way to Grief
  • Deaths Dealt with in the Past
  • Undermining Difficulties -- financial, dependency, stress, etc.
  • Some Struggle in Their Relationship and Some Don't
  • Financial Impact

I understand this is a sensitive topic and wanted to provide powerful insight and resources to folks who may be going at the process alone.

I hope you liked this episode. 

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