Real Talk with Life After Grief Chris

Hamsters and Grief: Meet Otis

January 15, 2023 Christopher Dale Season 4 Episode 2
Real Talk with Life After Grief Chris
Hamsters and Grief: Meet Otis
Real Talk with Life After Grief Chris
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Show Notes

You heard that right!!! Hamsters and Grief. In this episode I speak about the opportunity cost of having a hamster in terms of children bearing the responsibility of caring for a living creature.  

The opportunity cost for my son to learn responsibility the hard way after losing Otis, the hamster, twice was roughly $1000. The experience was priceless. Luckily for us, Otis has 9 lives. 

The USDA estimates the true cost of raising a child in 2022 is between $15,438 and    $17,345. That amount equates to a few great family vacations. In terms of Otis,  he blew through the USDA estimates as he was lost two times. However, the money spent was well worth the life lessons my son learned.  

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