Real Talk with Life After Grief Chris

Learning from the Grief Smart Professional, Kathi Balasek, MA

March 20, 2023 Christopher Dale Season 4 Episode 11
Real Talk with Life After Grief Chris
Learning from the Grief Smart Professional, Kathi Balasek, MA
Real Talk with Life After Grief Chris
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Show Notes

In today's episode, I have an awe inspiring guest. Please meet Kathi Balasek, MA. Kathi is an educator, grief literacy communication coach, corporate consultant, university lecturer, speaker, podcast host, and widow advocate. She teaches professionals how to improve their grief literacy communication skills to best serve bereaved clients.

I asked Kathi to be on the podcast, not only for her accolades, but for the compassion she brings to others during a major transition of widowhood. Kathi truly has a gift that she has decided to bestow on others.  I was very fortunate to have met Kathi as she is very sought after and recognizable for the work she does. 

During the show, I was voraciously taking notes on the wisdom she bestowed on me.
Kathi noted three very important take-aways, which helped her grief journey as a widow beginning 15 years ago:

1.  Begin grief counseling first --put your money here as it will be used to help you process your grief.  Note there are plenty of free grief counseling resources.
2.  Work on yourself --emotionally, spiritually and physically - create a nurture rich environment through positive people in your life.  You have to put the work in to progress through your grief.
3.  Ask for help --surround yourself with great professionals through recommendations from friends and family members who care for and love you.

Kathi's resilience as well as her humility is palatable & I was very inspired after our interview.

Please note that Kathi can be reached via her website, on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

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