Real Talk with Life After Grief Chris

Complete Gratitude

March 27, 2023 Christopher Dale Season 4 Episode 12
Real Talk with Life After Grief Chris
Complete Gratitude
Real Talk with Life After Grief Chris
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Show Notes

In the final episode of Season 4, I would like to extend my complete gratitude to all guests, listeners and supporters of the podcast. In my wildest dreams, I  would never have  imagined that my experience, let alone my podcast, would be able to touch so many folks.  

I have been told over and over that my podcast has given life, eased the burden, provided perspective and renewed faith in the lives of so many.

In this episode, I highlight some of the most popular guests from my four seasons.  I also liken my guest conversations to some of my own life experiences.  I have been truly blessed with having positive and supportive people around me.

Thank you, Carolyn Moore (Modern Widows Club), Coach Cindy Richardson (Colonial High School) and Mike Jackson (LPT Realty) for being some of my most popular guests from the past seasons.  I would also like to thank the powerful ladies who have pushed me to  stretch outside of my comfort zone.  

Thank you for listening and supporting the show.  

Please note that this will be the last episode for Season 4 and we will return during the summer of 2023.  


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